OnPoint Advising guides top teams to work more productively together. This enhancement includes initiatives that build cohesion and creates strong team leaders.

Team Development and Performance

  • Executive team development and alignment of team priorities
  • Awareness of communication styles and team dynamics
  • Identification of team commitments, decision processes, and building cohesion
  • Mitigating the risks of team dysfunction
  • Facilitation of Strategy Sessions
  • New leader assimilation

Case Studies

Note: The examples below are real engagements. Names and details of the situations have been changed to protect the identity of the executives and companies.

Targeted Challenge
A prominent Fortune 500 company was having challenges with the performance of one of their executive teams. There was lack of clarity in their roles and challenges around managing conflict and prioritizing.

Sharp Solution
We worked closely with Donna, the company’s CEO, to help her craft her vision and business priorities. Through an executive offsite we led the team to work on understanding one another’s communication styles and building team effectiveness. In aligning their business priorities with their strengths, the team identified key commitments to drive their business forward.

Targeted Challenge
Ron, a chief executive, was taking over a new team and did not have an understanding of the business unit’s culture and norms.

Sharp Solution
We worked with the company to facilitate a leader assimilation process that allowed both Ron and the team to discuss the company’s culture, working styles and expectations. The team was provided the opportunity to share their insights, concerns, and aspirations and became more aligned and focused on working on business challenges together rather than being distracted with concerns related to the leadership transition.