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OnPoint partners with organizations, emerging leaders, and C-suite executives to target their specific challenges and implement straight forward business solutions. OnPoint’s approach is to find paths to success that work within the existing culture of your business.

OnPoint Advising is the only company whose unique Motivational Currency® services can identify your Motivational Currency® and help you evaluate and adapt your motivational approach.


Individual Solutions

OnPoint Advising helps the best performers to get better and inspires people to excel even when they are amidst tough situations. Learn more.

Team Solutions

OnPoint Advising guides top teams on working more productively together. This includes initiatives that build teams and create strong team leaders. Learn more.

Organizational Solutions

OnPoint Advising partners with businesses to align their people strategy with their business strategy. Learn more.

Case Study: Coaching the CEO

business coaching

Targeted Challenge: Joe, the CEO of a Fortune 500 technology company, was a brilliant business person, but was not a leader that employees wanted to follow. The business struggled and key talent began to look for jobs elsewhere. The CEO was resistant to coaching and did not see the value in spending time on leadership development.

business success

Who We Are

We are a leadership and organizational development firm that advises senior level executives, teams, and high performers with a straight forward, focused approach.

We accelerate development and the path to success by removing roadblocks and inspiring action. We focus on the key ingredients to success: attitude, awareness, ability and accountability.

We know what doesn’t work. But what does?

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