A leader who knows how to inspire in times of crisis and business uncertainty. Known for his approach that balances candor, class, and humor, Dr. Fazio reaches audiences and invites them to be inspired and focus forward.  Rob is a uniquely qualified executive advisor that brings over 20 years of experience serving C-suite executives, athletes, and surgeons. What do all of these populations have in common? They are elite performers that have improved through implementing the simple, yet tailored strategies developed by Rob. As a keynote speaker, Rob will equip audiences with these simple, yet powerful performance strategies that can be employed today to create the tomorrow you want.

Getting Back to Work After the Covid-19 Crisis: Preparing Leaders to be Ahead of the Anxiety Curve to Prevent Burnout and Increase Motivation

Audiences will:

Learn how a people first leadership approach can lead to a 20% increase in value

Be equipped to leverage a variety of leadership styles specific to tough transitions

Find ways to decrease burnout risk and increase motivation

Be equipped to communicate about how anxiety is a normal response to an abnormal time

Be introduced to the OnPoint ReOpening Resources

In normal times 77% (Deloitte) of people experience burnout. These are far from normal terms. Burnout and anxiety prevention and increasing engagement is critical. Rob teaches leaders how to create small wins and ownership in a time when everything seems to be uncertain and out of control.

Growth Leadership in Times of Crisis: Reach People Wherever They Are
Audiences will:

• Learn what you do now impacts what you can do later
• Make sure that handling the crisis does not become “the crisis”
• Realize that the first decision may not be the best decision
• See how emotion impacts decisions
• Learn that anything you communicate externally, you need to communicate
• Focus on how to manage yourself before you manage the crisis
• Take action on Growth Leadership: See, Feel, Think, Act

Since experiencing a global crisis that directly impacted him Dr. Fazio has had a passion for equipping people to lead during crisis for over 15 years. He has spoken to audiences in the toughest times including Covid-19 crisis, Hurricane Katrina, 9-11, the Virginia Tech shootings, and more. His work on navigating crisis has been featured in the NY Times, and on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NBC, and much more. He is a thought leader who is compassionate, candid, and solution focused. He knows what crisis feels like and focuses on how to be kind, strong, and help people.

Motivational Currency®: The Coins of Influence and Inclusion

Audiences will:

• Break out of the motivation myths that hold you back
• Build their influence capital through learning a unique, time-tested approach to engaging and connecting with a diverse range of people and styles
• Learn the language of motivation: Performance, Power, People, and Purpose
• Master the art of Recognizing, Reading, and Leading motivators in yourself and others
• Discover how to invite people to be motivated from the inside out
• Learn how to build a Motivational Bank Account for themselves and others
• Leverage the Motivational Currency® Calculator to build their influence capital

Each individual is unique and has a unique constellation of motivators. You must be able to tap into the Motivational Currency® that fuels each of your professionals to generate desired results.


BullyProof: Using subtle Strength to Influence Alphas

Audiences will:

• Learn how to resist the urge to punch back and fight on a Bully’s turf
• Discover the different types of Alphas and how to influence them to generate the best possible outcomes through making intentional D-E-A-L-S
• Develop subtle Strength (sS) which is intentional influence using calm confidence to demonstrate respect and backbone simultaneously
• Leverage original research on Alphas that will help build alliances
• Build the capability to create BullyProof environments

Alphas make things happen. Too often people avoid them rather than build alliances with them. You must develop strategies to harness the power of Alphas and prevent them from becoming Bullies. 

It’s Not Just a Woman’s Job: Advocating for Female Leaders

Audiences will:

• Go from saying what people want to hear to advocating and building alliances to propel the success of women
• Shift from a traditional mindset to an alliance mindset to create partnerships across genders, generations, and cultures
• Learn how to partner with female and male Alphas
• Master the 8 Advocate behaviors to create opportunities

Developing female leaders takes more than saying the right things and feeling good. It requires intentional action and collaboration amongst all team members to harness the power of emerging female leaders.

Success through Strength

Audiences will:

• Be challenged to figure out why strength is the foundation of all success and growth
• Understand their strength style: weak, subtle, overt, or dominant
• Become aware of how you react to others and avoid falling into the trap of reacting with weakness or dominance.
• Start the creation of their success story
• Be encouraged to bring others along in their success journey
• Learn how to apply sport psychology skills that elite athletes use to stay mentally tough

No matter what you are trying to achieve you need strength. Just like anything it requites a mindset and a skill set to build strength so you can succeed in tough times and the good times.

Simple is the New Smart: Success Strategies That Stick

Audiences will:

• Realize that if an approach is not appetizing, digestible, and memorable it’s worthless
• See what elite performers such as surgeons, athletes, executives, and influencers do to excel
• Embrace the importance of failing forward
• Understand that listening can be bad for your health and how to break free from limitations
• Discover the art of Reading before Leading so you can be intentional with your time

You will learn how to do more with less. “Doing simple better” will allow you to
reach your full human potential

Leading with Laughter 

Audiences will:

• Learn how laughter leads to performance
• Go from thinking laughter is just for fun to how it makes money for everyone
• Get an understanding of the research that connects humor to mitigating what’s not so fun about work such as burnout, turnover, and turmoil
• Be encouraged to take smart risks using humor
• Find ways to use humor even if they are not naturally funny
• Laugh and learn

Humor is not a laughing matter increases productivity and creativity. The more you have humor be part of your day the more engaged people will be. People who are perceived to be funny make more money.

Expertise in:

• Crisis Leadership
• Influencing Alphas
• Leadership
• Alliances and Advocating for Female Leaders
• Peak Performance
• Motivation
• Influence
• Power
• Personal Growth and Achievement
• Success through Strength

Audience & Industries:

• Fortune 500 Companies
• Associations and Conferences
• Senior Executive Groups
• Corporations
• Sales Events
• Women’s Events
• Technology
• Healthcare
• Finance
• Media and Entertainment
• Energy

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