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BullyProof: Using subtle Strength to Influence Alphas and Strengthen Society

Every day millions of people suffer from the dominant dysfunctional behavior of people in positions of power

It’s time to even the playing field and become the Robin Hood of power. Over the last 20 years plus, Dr. Rob Fazio has worked with underdogs and the top dogs, and he has discovered that the usual reactions of taking the bully head on or complete avoidance don’t work. Instead, his original research, client experience, and life experience has revealed that subtle strength is the critical factor for defusing the bullying behavior at the source. Subtle strength is intentional influence that uses calm confidence to demonstrate backbone, and respect. It helps the powerless gain power, and the powerful recognize the impact of their power.

In his second book, BullyProof, Dr. Rob Fazio challenges and equips readers to use the power of subtle strength for good.

In BullyProof you will learn how to:

  • Take responsibility for your own power in any circumstance
  • Use value-based power to advocate for social good and propel your business outcomes
  • Recognize the four types of alphas and know how to influence each
  • Learn a new approach for positively influencing alphas in sales, meetings, and working relationships
  • Even the playing field for people who have been pushed around
  • Apply original research on alpha personalities
  • Influence those who don’t want to be influenced
  • Give confidence and power to people who feel powerless
  • Read people’s motivators and leverage Motivational Currency®
  • Build alliances to advocate for women and underrepresented populations
  • A new approach to uncovering needs and influencing strong personalities for sales people
  • Leverage the Bully Barometer in order to identify a bully
  • Take quizzes to learn about yourself and read others

This book will benefit:

  • Sales professionals. Sales people always need an edge when it comes to uncovering needs and influencing people. Too often sales people can come across as pushy and working their own agendas. Bul lyProof teaches sales people how to use subtle strength to read before they lead and gain credibility with the toughest potential clients. Once they get in the door with a challenging and strong personality mutual respect and loyalty kicks in which leads to reoccurring sales opportunities.
  • Organizations that want to advocate for women and close the gap on gender bias. There is not longer a choice the gender gap is on top of everyone’s mind. It isn’t fair that this just lies on the shoulders of women when men created the situation. It needs to be a partnership with people who are skilled at influencing female and male alphas.
  • People Who Work in Dysfunctional Environments. Human resource departments try and help they often don’t have the time, strategies, or expertise to coach people on how not to get caught up in the dysfunction. With realizing your options and strength style you can learn how to buffer yourself from the dysfunction and protect others. Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a two-person business, people will respond Dr. Fazio’s message of how to use subtle strength to transform their organizations and themselves.
  • Surgeon Leaders. The culture of surgeons is one where vulnerability is seen as a weakness when it’s exactly what people around them need to see. If surgeons want to have a larger influence than just cutting, they need to learn how to keep their edge without cutting people outside of the operating room.
  •  Aspirational Influencers. Today people look for any advantage possible to be an influencer and have a platform. Dr. Fazio’s findings and secrets to success provide people with a foundation that leads to becoming an authority people want to stay engaged with and follow.
  • People Leaders. Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a two-person business, people will respond Dr. Fazio’s message of how to use subtle strength to transform their organizations and themselves.
  • Entrepreneurs. Dr. Fazio’s research and insights are vital to successful entrepreneurs whose currency is their ability to persuade and influence people as well as grow teams.

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