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Workplace Bullying is Real Business!

 • 49% of workers are affected by bullying that’s 79.3 million workers and it’s worse for Remote workers!

• When bullying is reported, American employers still react negatively, 60% of Employers tend to encourage, defend, rationalize, discount & deny bullying

• Women bullies bully women at twice the rate they bully men 

• Targets have 67% chance of losing job they loved when targeted for bullying

• 58% said that disrespectful politicians encourage bullying & rule breaking

Workplace Bullying Institute and Zogby Analytics, 2021

We know the Problem, but What’s the Solution?

Using never-before published research, stories, and frameworks Rob Fazio invites you to self-reflect, equip yourself, and become BullyProof.

  1. Take the power out of the word “bully”
  2. Release a victim mentality.
  3. Develop Value-Based Power.
  4. Master Subtle Strength.

Through interviews with people in the special forces, minority women leaders who have faced bias, sales executives, and Fortune 500 leaders, Rob Fazio creates you a roadmap to navigate bullying. Balancing empathy with straight talk, Rob genuinely challenges people to take back their power, identify destructive behaviors, and offers solutions so people can build themselves up and strengthen society.

In a world where we need more kindness, allyship and positivity, Bullyproof offers sound and applicable advice on how to manage stressful dynamics while offering empathy and strength.

Barb Cowan, Vice President Talent and Inclusion, Comcast Advertising at Comcast

A must read when dealing with Alpha personalities amongst a new generation.

Martin Naylor, Former Royal Air Force Aircrew and IT leader at Raymond James

An insightful journey that activates its readers into putting learning to action.

Talapady Srivatsa Bhat, Engineering Manager at Samsung

Rob has a natural ability to make complex theories both accessible and practical for easy application within our day-to-day lives. BullyProof builds on both Simple is the New Smart and Rob’s extensive professional experience to hit all the marks.

Eric D. McCollum, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

If you have ever been bullied and want to know how to respond more effectively, or if you suspect that you yourself may be resorting to bullying and want to fix that, this book is for you. Packed with stories from a variety of high-performance domains, BullyProof takes you from theory to practice with specific strategies and tools. You will understand, learn, and be to equipped to respond – to yourself, those key relationships, and through to an organizational level – to achieve better outcomes even in high pressure situations with less human suffering and collateral damage. The world needs this book more than ever right now and I’m glad Rob Fazio wrote it.

Kirsten Peterson, PhD, Performance Psychologist at Kirsten Peterson Consulting and Former Senior Sport Psychologist at the United States Olympic Committee

The abuse and misuse of power have long been problems in the institutions we inhabit. Despite this being the case, there have been very little prescriptive resources to combat bullying. Fazio changes that by taking us through a psychological framework that allows us to recognize bullying in ourselves as well as the environments around us. With his framework, perhaps we truly will be able to bullyproof our society.

Tayo Rockson, Author of Use Your Difference To Make A Difference

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