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Motivational Currency® Calculator

Find your  Motivational Currency® by using our Motivational Currency® Calculator (MCC)
A simple way to assess and adapt your motivational approach

The MCC was developed by Rob Fazio, PhD and Keli Steuber PhD and is highlighted in the book,
Simple is the New Smart.

Gone are the days of motivating people with bags of money. Motivation is critical to organizational and business success. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as easy as becoming aware of what motivates you and others, and taking intentional action.

The MCC is a self-assessment development tool that gives you insights into what drives you, as well as how effective you are at reading and leading others. The MCC will help you Recognize what motivates you, Read what motivates others, and Lead in a way that is aligned with what motivates others. It can be applied when leading, motivating, or influencing your boss, your peers, your direct reports, or yourself.

It takes about 10-20 minutes to complete and you will receive your feedback on average within 20 minutes. If you are a consultant or HR leader, you can have all the reports sent to you as a point person. This is used at times for coaching conversations or training sessions where you don’t want participants to have the results ahead of time.

The cost of the MCC is $65 per person. Download a sample report

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The MCC was developed by Rob Fazio, PhD and Keli Steuber PhD and is highlighted in the book, Simple is the New Smart.