Executive Advisor

Dr. Fazio works with strong people who want to win. He inspires people to perform during tough times and gets results in his approach to working with powerful leaders.

OnPoint Advising helps the best performers to get better and inspires people to excel even when they are amidst tough situations. We focus on advising the most senior of executives as well as emerging talent.

Executive Coaching

  • Transitions, turn-around situations, and assimilation into new roles or organizations
  • Leadership effectiveness and strategic thinking
  • Acceleration of high-potential development
  • Coaching the “Alpha” personality

Sport Psychology

  • Mental skills training for athletes and executives
  • Performance enhancement coaching
  • Coaching to remove barriers and roadblocks to breakthrough to elite performance

Case Studies

Note: The examples below are real engagements. Names and details of the situations have been changed to protect the identity of the executives and companies.

Targeted Challenge
Joe, the CEO of a Fortune 500 technology company, was a brilliant business person, but was not a leader that employees wanted to follow. The business struggled and key talent began to look for jobs elsewhere. The CEO was resistant to coaching and did not see the value in spending time on leadership development.

Sharp Solution
Over the course of a nine month executive coaching engagement, Joe learned the value of being as strategic in his delivery as his focus on results. He implemented the practice of “reading before leading” and varying his leadership style. The CEO became someone who leveraged his influence skills more than his positional power and this resulted in higher levels of initiative and engagement.

Targeted Challenge
Bill, the recently hired head of a private equity firm, was concerned about navigating the politics in a new environment. In previous roles he was successful in generating substantial deal flow, but unsuccessful in gaining support for key decisions.

Sharp Solution
We worked with Bill to develop his political acumen and emotional intelligence. Over the course of six months, Bill learned how to read himself, his people, and the organization prior to taking action. He developed positive habits that enhanced his business expertise and the bottom line.

Targeted Challenge
Steve, a professional basketball player, was struggling with confidence and concentration. The pressure of playing at an elite level was taking a toll.

Sharp Solution
We identified Steve’s core doubts and barriers to confidence. Working together we developed a visualization script of elite performances and built his confidence through using “trigger words.” We also practiced strategies to help Steve focus his attention in critical, game time moments.

Targeted Challenge
Tim was a day trader who found himself in a slump and experiencing a lack of focus and burn out. This was impacting his bottom line and his confidence to be an elite trader.

Sharp Solution
We helped Tim identify key stress factors and tap into his view of long-term success. Once Tim had a clear vision of success, we applied sport psychology skills, such as imagery, self-talk, and focus that are used by elite athletes. Tim regained his passion for trading and became more effective at making the necessary in-the-moment decisions that are the difference between winning and losing.