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Find what motivates others by getting certified using our Motivational Currency® Calculator. A simple way to assess and adapt your motivational approach.

Our first certification was a success. We certified people from the US, Germany, and India. We look forward to building our community. Stay connected to learn about our next certification. 

Session Date(s): Come back to this page for future certification dates.

Why Get Certified?

  • Most conflict is a result of style, not substance
  • The less we understand one another the less productive we are
  • Getting certified gives you a common language and a diversified approach to increase people’s desire to perform

The certification package includes the following:

  • Learn how to assess what motivates yourself and others
  • Discover practical tips on how to read cues in others
  • Be equipped to debrief a Motivational Currency Profile
  • Learn how to create a Motivation Map
  • Enhance your coaching abilities
  • Gain access to an exclusive LinkedIn Group
  • Be trained on how to administer the MCC
  • Take the MCC and get a debrief on your profile
  • Get access to slides and activities that can be used to facilitate a session with future purchases of MCCs
  • Receive a playbook on “Coachable Actions,” a training manual, and a brief video to reinforce your key learning
  • Discuss original research on Motivational Currency related to gender, generations, and industry.

Facilitated by Rob Fazio, PhD and Gagandeep Singh, MBA

“Dr. Fazio was able to connect with our global audience of leaders in a way that few facilitators can. Having experienced the Motivational Currency assessment, keynote and workshop, I now understand how he does it! This instrument and sessions helped us understood how critical motivation is to our leadership journey and how we motivate and influence others.”

Carmen Blanco, Harman, A Samsung Company, Director of Global Talent Management and Diversity & Inclusion

Motivational Currency is a versatile tool that has many uses:

  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Increasing influence potential
  • Keeping people engaged
  • Creating a common language

Registration will be limited for this first time certification. Motivational Currency is based on the research of the late David McClelland’s Social Motives while at Harvard.

Motivational Currency® Calculator

Find what motivates you and others by using our Motivational Currency® Calculator. A simple way to assess and adapt your motivational approach.

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