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OnPoint Advising Testimonials

Below you will find testimonials written by business professionals that have worked with Onpoint Advising Inc.

Dr. David E. Stein
Regional Chief of Surgery, Baltimore, Professor of Surgery Georgetown University School of Medicine

“Rob Fazio was my leadership coach when I became chair of surgery at Drexel. I can honestly say that his insight, advice and coaching were instrumental in my development as a leader. He was my first phone call when I encountered difficult situations and taught me a lot about how perceptions can impact a leader’s effectiveness. Now when I mentor my division chiefs I often quote words of wisdom from Rob..” – Posted via Linkedin.

Torsten Slok
Deutsche Bank Securities, Chief Economist

“Rob has an incredible understanding of leadership and how organizations function, I would highly recommend you to connect with him and follow his work.” – Posted via Linkedin.

Barbara Cowan
Comcast, Human Resources and Talent Managemant

“Rob Fazio from OnPoint Advising has the rare ability to balance relationships with results. He took the time to understand the priorities and speed of our business to be aligned with our critical objectives. His expertise in making emotional intelligence and effective communication strategies practical was right on target. I hope more of our future executives get to work with him.”

Joy Zaben
Capital One, Chief of Staff, Retail and Direct Banking

“I have partnered with Rob Fazio, on various initiatives for a decade. His global experience in banking comes through, especially when working with senior executives and senior leaders. Rob is someone who tailors his solutions and services to the culture and the priorities of the business. We were able to count on him to deliver what we needed, when we needed it.”

Jason Lenhart
WarnerMedia, Vice President Engineering & Operations, Direct-to-Consumer Technology

I was fortunate enough to work within an organization that valued growth in their leadership team. This investment led to my working with Rob – it felt like hitting the lottery. His patience and values-based approach to leadership has taught me to not only be a better leader professionally but also a better father, partner, and friend. There are few people whose teachings and writings have had such a profound impact on my life. I cannot recommend his expertise and work enough. Thank you Rob for your continued friendship and guidance. Congratulations on your success! – Posted via Linkedin.

Scott Boyarsky
Fidelity Investments, SVP, Digital Experience Platforms

Even the best athletes use coaches to improve their game. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Fazio at a pivotal time in my career, expanding my executive leadership role at Comcast. Dr. Fazio provided me with excellent career guidance, and a toolbox for me to lean on as I navigated a complex organization. His book, Simple Is the New Smart became one of the most valuable tools in that toolbox, and has remained a recommended read for many friends and colleagues going through their own executive evolution. Dr. Fazio’s guidance on EQ and Motivational Currency has helped me continue to thrive in my executive journey. Along the way, he has become a good friend and someone I can rely on to this day. If you’re looking for executive coaching for you or a senior executive in your organization, look no further than Dr. Fazio. – Posted via Linkedin.

Kevin D. Smith
Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, Associate Director at Janssen

Rob has a unique talent for being able to connect with a diverse set of individuals and easily relate to their day-to-day situations to provide relevant examples for coaching. He is knowledgeable and proved to be a great mentor in a very wide range of topics that are critical for succeeding in complex organizations – from difficult conversations and motivational currency to leadership styles and office politics. Similarly, his passion, coaching, and overall depth are evident in his founding of the nonprofit “Hold the Door for Others” that has the goal of helping people build new skills to grow through loss and adversity. I highly recommend working with Dr Rob Fazio and truly believe that any manager, executive, or office professional would benefit from his coaching. – Posted via Linkedin.

Dr. Robert McGregor
Akron Children’s Hospital, Chief Medical Officer

“As a chief medical officer (and in my former role as Vice Chair of an academic medical department) I have complete confidence in Dr. Fazio’s ability to partner with a physician leader. He is focused on accelerating the development of  leaders to adapt to their new role, and to help less effective medical leaders to recognize their vulnerabilities/ opportunities. He combines candor with care and helps doctors develop concrete plans to improve self-awareness and effect change in their own leadership styles. Rob quickly engenders trust of the senior leadership team as well as the individuals being coached. He is the consummate professional and I truly enjoyed working with him to help my docs. In fact, I have drawn on my experiences with Rob to begin to team with him to educate fellow CMO s about using his coaching styles as a tool to manage challenging physicians.”

Brent Jenkins
PIMCO, Senior Vice President

Rob is a knowledgeable, observant and impactful advisor who I found to have a keen ability to boil down complex social and organizational scenarios into practical, effective strategies. I really appreciated working with Rob and look forward to working with him again in the future. – Posted via Linkedin.

Carol Price
Performance Food Group (Former SVP at Aramark), Chief Human Resource Officer

“Over the last 5 years Rob and I have worked together within two different Fortune 500 companies. Recently, Rob advised one of our key business segments to establish a strategic plan. He was instrumental in helping the Senior Team align and develop an innovative growth plan, which is targeted to triple growth over the next several years. Rob is a consummate professional.  His approachable and genuine style is unique and invaluable.”

Patrick Sabine
Synovo, Senior Vice President Human Resourcess

I have known Rob for over ten years and consider him to be at the top of his craft. I was a client and now easily recommend him to others when asked for an effective executive coach. Rob partners seamlessly with his clients, creates a solid foundation for a trusting relationship and consistently delivers solid results. – Posted via Linkedin.

Meghan Zaffaresse
Sunoco Logistics, Vice President

“Senior level leaders can understandably be resistant to coaching and getting advice from an outside professional. Rob is able to build the connection quickly and in a way that executives respect.  His versatility around coaching high potential leaders as well as his partnership on executive team off sites have been a valuable resource. While he is able to provide frank and objective advice, he does it with an emphasis on what is critical to the business.  He can be trusted as a true partner with his main focus on moving the business forward.”

Dave Gensler
News America Marketing, Senior Vice President

“Rob Fazio with OnPoint Advising understands how to strengthen business through empowering and coaching people.  His style and approach to facilitating sessions with high potential employees and senior leaders is very effective.  I had Rob at both my Chicago and Cincinnati sales offices and my employees asked for additional follow up sessions.  My teams entered the room not sure what to expect and they left the room asking “what is next.”  Over the years he has proven to be a trusted advisor that I can rely on to help drive the business the forward.  He is an excellent resource to educate sales teams on thought leadership, managerial competencies and consultative selling techniques.  Rob Fazio is someone who I would recommend to any professional business that wants to move their employees and leadership team from average to excellent.”

Senior Global HR Professional

“I partnered with Rob to develop an innovative training program for our scientist-managers and directors. The reason for this is we felt a need for a program that went much deeper than a traditional “manager fundamentals” workshop. By crafting an eight month program where groups of nine managers meet once a month for four hours, we were able to create “learning circles.” This means close-knit cohorts who build trust during the course and use each other as resources and sounding boards, etc. The “secret sauce” if you will, is the expert facilitation that Rob brings to each and every session. He has impeccable experience, models, frameworks and methodologies to help our managers learn the nuances to become expert people managers. He is able to create a trusting, fun, upbeat and motivational culture. The proof is in the pudding: the surveys that we have done after each session and after each year are off the charts! 4.7 out of 5, 4.9 out of 5, 5 out of 5! This is not a culture that gives good scores easily.  I highly recommend Rob for this and the other work that he is known for. I assure you, he will exceed your expectations as he has done for me.”

Eric A. Berg
Peregrine Partners Inc., Senior Partner

Rob Fazio is a tremendous executive coach and leadership advisor, and at the very top of the pyramid
for any leadership advisor with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. We started working together when
I was CEO of a $1.5B division, and we’ve been working together for nearly 15 years since, which is
testimony to the high esteem to which I hold him.
Allow me to briefly elaborate. Many advisors, psychologists, coaches, and leaders hold impressive
“book knowledge”, as does Rob. What sets Rob apart is the application of that knowledge to specific
individuals, situations, and environments. In short, Rob excels in practical solutions that improve
effectiveness immediately. There’s nothing cookie cutter about Rob Fazio – it’s applied brilliance.
Further, Rob brings compassion and empathy to his coaching. He is deeply committed to excellence and
to applying his incisive insight to the success of the executives with whom he partners.
My overall characterization of Rob is as a “partner to the c-suite” who creates value, not only in
providing insight into the “what” but also into the “how” (e.g., delivering delicate communications
messages). He helps the c-suite bring along the rest of the organization and develop change ownership
throughout the enterprise.
Some examples of our work together included topics of diversifying my influence strategies, focusing on
delivering results with and through people, taking time to purposively communicate my appreciation
and gratitude for the efforts of others, gaining insight into my position of power and unintended impacts
that could have on individuals, allowing some situations to develop on their own (without me jumping in
to drive the results in every instance), and sharpening my awareness of others’ motivations and
agendas. Rob Fazio has my highest level of personal and professional recommendation.

Carmen Blanco                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Harman, A Samsung Company, Director of Global Talent Management and Diversity & Inclusion

Dr. Fazio was able to connect with our global audience of leaders in a way that few facilitators can. Having experienced the Motivational Currency assessment, keynote and workshop, I now understand how he does it! This instrument and sessions helped us understood how critical motivation is to our leadership journey and how we motivate and influence others.