Influencers – Follow with Purpose

Don’t Follow Someone Just Because They Have Followers! The Five Factors of People Worth Following and Who Has Them LinkedIn is flooded with videos and posts with people trying to get attention and create inspiration. But who is really going to play a role in our success? Ever think it’s important to pay attention to more

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Doubt: Put Doubts in Your Doubts

Doubt: Put Doubts in Your Doubts Fazio, why did you quit?! I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my high school auditorium. I was overweight, pushing 215 as a sophomore. A sophomore full of doubt, insecurities, failures, fears, and lists of what I couldn’t do. Behind me the voice more

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Smartcuts for Success

by Dr. Rob Fazio Author Simple is the New Smart Success is not always easy to come by, but it can be simple. In my work an executive advisor, surgeons, sport psychologist I am often struck by how many people fall short of their goals because of their need to worry about something. Operating more

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Insecurity: Install a Security System

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford It all starts with attitude, which is the foundation for Psychological Swagger. There are countless quotes and motivational stories related to the importance of attitude. Quite simply it is the differentiator between those who complain and those who train. more

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Take Command of Your Brand

by Rob Fazio, PhD What if your success depended on something you couldn’t control? What if the mood you put someone in was just as important as doing your job? Well, it is. Success is directly related to how you influence people to think, feel, and act. And how you influence people to think, more

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Vision with Precision: Vision is Fun But Precision Gets It Done

As appeared on Safari Books Online, February 2016 “Having a vision is fun, vision with precision gets it done.” Vision statements on a wall, on a website, or on a piece of paper can serve a purpose for businesses, but they don’t lead to success. The purpose of a vision is to have something more

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Office Politics: Tools For Taking Charge

*As appeared in Forbes magazine The word politics, it’s been said, is derived from the word “poly” meaning “many,” and the word “ticks” meaning “blood sucking parasites.” Well, not really. But regardless of its linguistic roots, politics can be tough. Including office politics. Studies show that many people who claim dissatisfaction with their jobs more

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Leadership Development Program – Guest Entry

By Alexandra Brown/Career Minds The next decade is paced to be one of significant change in terms of leadership development. The “silver tsunami,” or the mass exodus of baby boomers from the workforce, will result in over ten thousand retirements each day. The boomers have remained in the workforce longer than previous generations, resulting more

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Pay People With Their Motivational Currency®

*As appeared in The CEO Magazine “I didn’t find the meeting valuable.” Years ago, those were the words in an email I was copied on to my boss. It was my first CEO executive coaching engagement, and all I knew was I never wanted to see those words again. I was confident that I more

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Don’t Act Your Age, Act Like a Millennial: 5 Lessons to Leverage

*As appeared in NBC News Millennials get bad a rap, especially when it comes to their workplace reps. Gen X and Baby Boomer managers tend to judge millennials harshly for their work style and expectations and are often left wondering: "What do millennials really want at work anyway?" According to a 2014 study by more

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