First time limited time offer for first 2 sessions: $499 After that regular price will be $1499

Session Dates will be:
Session 1: Oct.27th, 11 AM EST
Session 2: Nov. 10th, 11 AM EST

Limit participants per session

What the certification package includes:

  • Two two hour interactive sessions
  • Learn how to assess what motivates yourself and others
  • Discover practical tips on how to read cues in others
  • Be equipped to debrief a Motivational Currency Profile
  • Learn how to create a Motivation Map
  • Enhance your coaching abilities
  • Gain access to an exclusive LinkedIn Group
  • Be trained on how to administer the MCC
  • Take the MCC and get a debrief on your profile
  • Get access to slides and activities so you can facilitate a ½ day session
  • Receive a playbook on “Coachable Actions,” a training manual, and a brief video to reinforce your key learning
  • Discuss original research on Motivational Currency related to gender, generations, and industry.

Motivational Currency is a versatile tool that has many uses:

  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Increasing influence potential
  • Keeping people engaged
  • Creating a common language

Registration will be limited for this first time certification. Motivational Currency is based on the research of the late David McClelland’s Social Motives while at Harvard.