Why OnPoint

Are you looking for a firm to help you with coaching and development of your executives and future executives?

Are you looking to get an edge over your competitors?

Are you looking for help with retaining top talent or building an overall talent strategy?

Are you looking for ways to engage, communicate and inspire your employees?

OnPoint Advising understands what keeps you up at night. We are solutions focused first. We understand that there are many alternatives out there for coaching and development. We know that many of these firms do not deliver the results that are needed.

What makes us unique is our down to earth approach that balances relationships and results. We first understand your business, your goals and your culture. Then we help you to leverage your human capital to drive the results that you need to succeed.

We have over 15 years of partnering with companies, executives and high performers with a track record of success and credibility. We’re versatile, able to flex to serve your needs. We’re reliable, resourceful and trustworthy.

This is your company. These are your people. Let us be the different kind of advisor to help you succeed at the highest of levels.