Growth Leadership in Times of Crisis: Reach People Wherever They Are

Rob Fazio, PhD Guiding Principles Start with self to prepare to lead others Focus on people first Be fact based, but not fear based Demonstrate a calm confidence Ensure that handling the crisis does not become “the crisis” The first decision is not always the best decision Anything you communicate externally, you need to [...]

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Flatten the Anxiety Curve with a Growth Curve

The coronavirus has become an anxiety crisis. In the first image we see how anxiety will spike, but with intentional growth skills it will decrease. In the second image you will see simple tips on how to get started: Learn, Laugh, Love. Visit for the self awareness tool and Growth Guide. [...]

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Insecurity: Install a Security System

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford It all starts with attitude, which is the foundation for Psychological Swagger. There are countless quotes and motivational stories related to the importance of attitude. Quite simply it is the differentiator between those who complain and those who train. [...]

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The Business Athlete: We All Fall, Now Get UP

“It’s not what happens, it’s what happens next”, “It’s not about the fall, it’s about getting up”, “A lot of people dream of success, few get up and work at it.” We’ve all heard the motivational quotes that sound great and feel better. But what separates losers from winners? Yes, I know it’s insensitive [...]

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What to do When Crisis hits You

We will all face a crisis at some point in our careers. The two keys are to be prepared and to not let how you handle the crisis become fuel for a larger crisis. Below are some tips and guidelines on how to Read before you Lead and create purpose out of a challenge. [...]

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Leadership During Layoffs

Leadership During Layoffs: How Those Staying Can Empower Those Leaving from Philadelphia Business Journal 12/02/2008 Leadership is written about in countless books and online resources. However, there is a gap. Not many leadership gurus talk about the true test of leaders, leading in times of adversity. The financial crisis, war for talent, and integration [...]

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